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..bright ideas from the sun

Solar remains the most reliable source of energy. We are determined to make widespread adoption of solar energy a reality to most residential and commercial entities through our innovative affordable energy systems that can be tailor-made to suit the scale of energy demand.


..turning water into power

Hydro power offers a very clean and cost effective way to generate electricity. An efficient design that can capture the kinetic energy of falling water and convert it into electricity with few loss in-between is important for solving energy problems at medium or large scale.


..efficient cycle of energy

Energy consumption is continually on the rise, there is great need for efficient power generation which is a necessary component of reliable, eco-friendly energy systems. A well designed gas power plant can make a huge difference. Our expert engineering team is equipped for this.


..the future of power

With Micro-grid systems, the future for power generation is exciting. We believe Micro-grids provide the ideal vehicle for Africa to solve its near term challenges of providing energy access for its people, while also putting in place the building blocks of the future smart grid.

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